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Reasons why Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects choose to buy our designer furniture and lighting

Dec 10,2016

In the competitive world of modern furniture, there is really no better recommendation than having architects, interior designers and landscape architects as customers. They know what makes good furniture and have very high standards.


In Tabula Rasa's relatively short history, we have had a number of these professionals purchase our furniture and the great news is that they come back time and time again.

Why do these professionals choose our furniture?

(1) They understand quality.


(2) Our team at Tabula Rasa are knowledgable and passionate about the furniture they sell.


(3) We have very close relationships with our suppliers and these relationships benefit our customers because we are able to offer our furniture in a range of different leathers, colours, fabrics and for outdoor furniture, customise sizes.


(4) We consistently offer great service. This is from the moment we pick up the telephone, through to the furniture being delivered to your door.


(5) We do not just sell furniture, we assist these professionals in planning - from collection choice and combinations, customisation, colour selection to space planning, right down to delivery and installation.


(6) In this uncertain economic climate, we at Tabula Rasa, can offer the finest quality furniture at affordable prices which helps architects, interior designers and landscape architects make big savings for their clients.


See our growing track record.  

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Tabula Rasa is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are specialists in designer furniture and offer a wide selection of contemporary reproduction furniture, lighting and outdoor furniture.