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Questions we ask when Clients want to buy Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture

Mar 07,2017

In Malaysia, we are lucky to have fantastic weather all year round and these days, the outdoor area is typically viewed as an extension of our home rather than a separate area. A growing trend here is to blur the boundary between inside and out, ensuring any external area operates as additional living space.


When clients tell us that they want to buy outdoor patio garden furniture, we often sit down with them and design something together. Questions we will ask are:


  1. What sort of activities do you want to do in the outdoor space? Is it for dining, a children’s play area, adult entertaining, cooking etc?
  2. How much space do you have and how much can be set aside for creating your outdoor sanctuary?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. Are there existing plants that can provide shade and absorb some of the heat or is the area covered? What time of day will you typically use the space? Always plan for shade. A parasol for added protection might be a worthwhile investment.
  5. What sort of lighting will you need? Do you want to spotlight some of the plants as focal points, and have subtle lighting in other areas?


At Tabula Rasa, we offer a wide selection of high quality outdoor patio garden furniture, day beds, dining tables and sun loungers with three brands, OHMM, Trasa, PlusT and Grosfillex, to choose from. No matter how large or small your outside area is, if you would like to extend your living space and enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, please contact us for a private consultation at our Bangsar showroom.