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Tabula Rasa's Sofa Guide

Sep 16,2015

There is no doubt that we tend to spend an enormous amount of time lounging, surfing online, eating, watching television and reading on the sofa, so it is important to make the right decision when choosing a sofa. Do consider what sort of living space you have and how you use it and the style that works best for you. An open plan living area will accommodate a modular sofa, whilst in more restrictive living rooms, something more compact may be a better bet.

How do you use your living room? Who mainly uses it? If it is your main family area, the colours and materials are more important. If it is more of an entertainment area, then maybe a corner sofa is sufficient.

Measure up carefully

Thoughtfully consider how many people you want to seat at anyone time and make sure the sofa and armchairs will provide sufficient seating to accommodate the number of people you need to accommodate. 

Don't forget to measure up carefully before you buy. Calculate the biggest sofa your room can take and double check whether the access points are large enough for it to fit through. Always have in mind the route to access your lounge area. Will stair bannisters, a narrow hall way, low ceilings or tight corners make accessibility difficult for the sofa size you have in mind? 


Choose what design look you wish to achieve

If your room is small, choosing a sofa with narrower arms or no arms at all can be a good option as it creates the illusion of a more compact piece. High back sofas are best used where the room has a high floor-to-ceiling height, whilst lower back sofas give the illusion of more space, especially important for confined rooms. They are also a good choice for open plan rooms to enhance spaciousness. Modular sofa work excellently in spacious, airy open plan rooms and offer great flexibility.

As for colour, if you want your sofa to blend into your space choose a neutral colour. Alternatively, if you are looking for it to be the focus of your room, consider a bolder and eye-catching colour.



It has to be comfortable too

It is really important to choose a sofa that is comfortable. If you need extra support for your back, consider more formal shapes with high back cushions. If you are like me and like to lie on the sofa, check that it is the right length for you and has low arms and lots of cushions!


Choose your fabric

There is often a much larger range of colours with fabric sofas with tightly woven fabrics wearing the best.  Linen is cool and one of the most durable fabrics for sofas.  Leather is very durable and cool and can last a lifetime if well cared for. It stands up very well to wear and tear.



To maintain your sofas in tip-top condition, brush fabric sofas with a soft-bristled brush and vacuum once a week.  For leather, wipe down once a week to remove any dust. If anything is spilt use a damp clean cloth to mop up any excess and try not to rub or use too much water as it can stain the leather. Lastly, just like fabric, sunlight can fade leather.


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